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The one who will come (2)
Hey the one,
Me this side, jus wanna share my inner self/ thoughts/feeling to you , will tell you straight at your face when we will met.
But for now lemme express it as i love to express love, isnt love is the best thing in this world, thinking about love only, gives me chills, gives me uncompareable happiness and thinking the way in which i want to shower my love to the one, her smile after that makes me so much happy that i literally cry …lol.
You know the one, when we first met i will tell you about my point that i stammer some times or in some situations and i have a scar on my stomach as i donate liver to my father.
And also tell her that i have uncontrollable emotions, if u r ready for that love so be prepared for that anger also. I wanna be your friend first, share everything even its bad or not, bakchodi krni hai yr terese jaise dost krte hai ,them frnds to besties , who knoe each other darkest secret , ugly faces to hottest pics to ex to night stands to everything. And when we reavh that level of relation , when our vibe matches complety… i will propose you in my old school way, that filmy style that cheesy style that more more more style, that dreamy one, that fairy one . And ya it dsnt matter if after all that our vibe not match, it is love ye bas ho jata hai , ye na hote hote hi ho jata hai, kiya ni jata bs ho jata hai, dikhaya ni jaya bs dikh jata hai, jataya jata hai bs paya ni jata ,isse bs dete raho , jitna hai na bs dete raho or mere paas to waise hi itna hai ki i know kabhi khatm ni hoga ,i jus want to give it you till internity… I have manyyyyy things to say but will later
BYE the one…will meet sometime somewhere, where our time comes

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