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The more days goes the more I feel marriage is worst thing that will ruin my life,my career,my freedom,I don’t want to marry with such sociaty where women are only for handling home and child and only husband and their parent is their main priority,it’s scare me that if I get married I have to sacrifice all and live like that,even if I don’t want to marry family pressure keep going im 25 and they say this is time now but I have lot of do in that marriage is just obstacle for life time.


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Don’t give in


I too thinks similarly like u , don’t listen to ppl who say the perfect guy will come . Take responsibility at the end of the day it’s u who are going to live your life not those annoying relatives .so tell them this and ask them to mind their business. Live your life . Buy your house . But your car . But things for your parents. And just experience life . Marrying and child is not for all . It’s a choice . If men want children there are so many other women . U are not them ,

Yeah, don’t give in. Get financially independent. Maybe move out to a different city. You need to stand your ground. And you are only 25, there is still time to meet people, fall in love etc etc.

All the best!