The challenge has come to an end and we are overwhelmed with the lovely response! Thank you to everyone who took part.



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Special Mentions

Click here to know how you can maintain these healthy habits all through the year.

We bring to you
The Finale:
20 Days of 2020

To end this roller coaster of a year on a good note, let’s practice 20 Days of pure bliss & joy whilst celebrating the holiday spirit!
Psychology says, any habit can be formed in 20 Days, so towards the end of these 20 Day Tasks not only will you be a more positive and life-hugging person but you get to win exciting prizes!

Take a long-relaxing bath
Talk to an old friend
Get in more sleep tonight
Watch Now&Me’s Youtube
Break up the monotony
Take a walk outside
Write a journal today
Value yourself
Anonymous Letter (BONUS TASK)
Connect with nature
Phone a friend
Q&A with Japnoor Garcha
Let it go
Compliment someone
Cook a happy treat
Gadget free hour
Let loose
Time with a furry friend
Family time
Help someone
Practice Forgiveness
Write a letter to yourself


Rules Guide

  1. 3 winners will be decided on the basis of Maximum Points
  2. The 3 Winners will win exciting gifts at the end of the Tasks
  3. After completion of each task, you will get points (As per points mechanism mentioned)
  4. You can gain additional points by submitting proof i.e by posting an image or sharing your experience on the Thread, upon completion of tasks. (Note: Points for this will be given after verification.)
  5. Each task will close on the alternate day, which means you have 2 Days to complete 1 Task
  6. There will be Bonus Tasks which can appear weekly or can pop-up on any day, so watch out for those!
  7. All challenges will follow IST(UTC +5:30), and will be posted at 12 am

Point System

  1. 3 points for completion of each task, 3 points for posting (Week 1)
  2. 5 points for completion of each task, 5 points for posting (Week 2)
  3. 7 points for completion of each task, 7 points for posting (Week 3)
  4. 5 points for Bonus Tasks (keep an eye out for those)
  5. The best reply gets 2 extra points

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