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❤️ @lostsoul_12

I hope you could read it.

You haven’t talked to me… i still remember your voice.
I haven’t seen you… i still remember your smile.
You haven’t touched my body…… but my soul knows how it feels like.
I love you but i am afraid you might never know it.
You love me and i am afraid I might never know it.
I crave your presence I crave your love. My soul is dying each day but is alive only in the hope of seeing you someday. But i am afraid that the day will be too late.
I just hope you could allow me to love you once in this lifetime. To touch you. Feel you.
In your arms i shall die… hold me once like you mean it all.

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I hope this reaches him 🥺❤️

Poorna Chandu @poorna7013

Well said and literally attracted to this🥹❤️


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