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Just think about your mom and dad.
If you want to share you can share whats going on.
I will try my best to motivate you.


U get nothing being dead. Just have these as experiences . Face them and help others to come out of it.


Same like uh but still u have to live to show some people u can do it just think this way hope so it can help uh


Hey honey…
i know how you are feeling but faster you learn to try to give more importance to you and your mind peice as compared to other the less hurt you will be
I know it sounds easy but you have got to keep yourself first and think for yourself first.❤️

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Hey! Don’t even think of it …
You know this human body we get after such a long struggle and it itself is a blessing so in my eye suicide is a insult of god because he created us because of some reason. Because we are able to do something but yet we aren’t able to find that reason . So just take a deep breathe and let this shit come out from your mind.


There will be ups and downs in life so just stay strong enough! People will break u to eventually make u strong enough to fight back! Just think of ur parents before u just have suicidal thoughts! Think of how will u develop urself so that u can live a lavish life!!! Yes I believe in u and ur parents too might have a faith in u! Life is never simple and straight path! So enjoy of whatever u have and u try to be selfish sometimes cause it’s ok to be be! Think about how u can make someone ur idol and follow him passionately! Life gives everyone multiple chance! Its just when we are happy we DONT notice those chance and when we are sad we can see our world falling! Pray to god everyday u will feel much better! Do Some exercise and become aesthetic and have some six pack abs…after that see how people will go gaga over ur looks and fitness! Future doesn’t matter as anything can happen so live the present and as the past has gone so forget it as it won’t repeat and u can’t change it! Living in present and changing urself will have a big impact on ur upcoming future! So all the best to u! I hope I am successful in changing ur mindset! Everyone don’t get what they want! Just look around u and watch carefully how beautiful the world is and notice those people who have nothing in their life compared to u! U Will understand the importance of what u have! The biggest gift u could get is a life to live in this beautiful world! (One day we’ll leave this world behinddddd so live a life u will rememberrrr!!!)

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