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Suddenly a lump or a thirsty suffocation in me started suddenly when the thought crossed my mind that i don’t have that someone to share my feelings with, like when my first crush knowingly said brother and when recently the one I got again feelings for someone else then she was taken, then too we were close and after she broke up with her boyfriend she said she has crush on me and that made me really happy but again that didn’t last long , after a month she didn’t even remember what she said and was in relation with someone else. Why is it that i really want to care and share with that only one and never found that, is it really that big of a deal to ask, only to ask for in return that same amount of feelings that I share with one in return .

God should really make a timer for letting one know when she/he will get their beloved one.


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Relationships nowadays are a bit complicated … Don’t worry hang in there u will find the one for you…


That’s what keeps me going, the thing is im afraid I don’t exactly know how it feels to be in love again,
Thank god I have parents and sister so I know a form of actual love but u know I can’t share everything with them