Sooo bored af and lonely lockdown is ded

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Hey, my friend
Try to find knowledge in the things you see in life, you will never be bored in your lifetime even if the lockdown is never taken back. You see a bird flying, try to find how does it fly, am sure you will find thousands of subjects hidden in it. Try learning a new language maybe some Indian language(maybe it wont help you right now, but am sure you will find it funny and interesting), there are thousands of apps to help you out. Try talking to your relatives and you can find thousands of stories to write. Try writing a blog, do you know everyone’s life can be made into an awesome bollywood movie, try writing a film script. Try sketching a simple bottle or try taking a illusionary images. Challenge yourself to do a pullup or pushup someday. If you want, I bet there are soo many things to learn in this world that you will start thinking that your life is soo short. In this lockdown, I realised one thing, we really don’t need all of our friends all the time. If you once master the art of enjoying with yourself, you will never feel bored friend. Try looking beyond the horizon. Everyone at this time is waiting for the lockdown to get over, not because they are dying like many poor people but because they are bored and want to go to pubs, enjoy with friends, or go for shopping and eat street food, etc because they couldn’t find themselves alone to enjoy their company. Hope it will help you

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im looking for a friend to play osu with

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