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soo from when i was a small girl i used to have that special rosy tints effect when i used to see this girl i iked and it kept on continuing as the time went i used to like this girl in puc and it was i donno my heart would tighten up and i would feel really bad and seeing her would light me up.it was thw same story for all the girlsin the end i would just tease them and leave these feelings a it is.Recently i started having dobts wheter it was love or admiration.If any one could help me out it would be great as it would clear up this confusion.I don see guys in that way as i see girls but it is not that i don hate all the sex scenes in the movies.I donno i am freaking confused


Post anonymously?

Hey. It’s alright and very normal don’t worry you’re not alone. Given that you’re saying you don’t hate those scenes suggests that you might be bisexual, which again is perfectly fine.
For the confusion, I think it’s only after you try that you know if you like it or not. In my opinion, experiencing both will give you the most clarity. Although it’s a must that you should be old and mature enough to indulge into physical relationships.
It’ll get better and you’ll get clarity, don’t worry. I hope I could help!


OK, would you kiss a boy? would you kiss a girl? if you’d kiss only boys or girls, you are straight or gay, if you’d kiss both you’re bi (like me!) or pan or something else, if you’d kiss neither you’re either ace or just not attracted to the person you’re thinking of (sorry if that’s offensive to anyone whose ace I know nothing of that stuff!) Of course there’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s the simplest way I can think of to test. Either way, Imma send you a hug from the LGBT+ community :P