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Somewhere, I read this that, ‘Loneliness is not being alone, it’s the feeling that no one cares!’ I relate with it because not so many but few people I know have shared this that they feel lonely. When all I can think of was, How? They’ve people around them, more so than I do and they can like spent all the time together with each other. But now I Understand that it’s not about being surrounded with good number of people, It’s about surrounded by people who care for you and are there to listen to you even of they’re far away from you!

So, let me remind you this that here, you’re not lonely! And there are people who do care for you!


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Yes there are people around us who care, but only when they need us. This is what i have learnt in past few years.
Everyone is just selfish, even I AM.
Everyone looks for some or the other thing that makes them happy or do good to them. That’s the only time people care about you, ask about you, talk to you.
Everything is just a give and take relationship.
Don’t you think so?


Honestly, to me, care is when we give importance to other person or be there for them when they need us and NOT when we want something from them. The latter is what you described and yes, that’s selfish and that can make you feel even more lonely.

I agree, but i guess no one is giving importance to anyone or being there for anyone, if they don’t need anything from them.
In most of the cases.
Even its the same for me, Care is just giving out what you have may be knowledge, may be money or anything, without any expecting anything in return.
Expectation hurt all the time. LOL