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Sometimes you are not missing the person but you miss the memories that you had in the past. But memories are memories and they will bring all the past scenarios in mind in just single click and you are done for the night for collecting or recalling all the memories you had and let me be honest with you that you don’t wanna cry at that time but you can’t help it.


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I totally can relate to it, I’ll say I deleted everything all photos, video msg call logs every thing all social media as well n avoided everything that can recall of her, its true some or the other thing recalls but for that I at the same time switch the topic or if watching something I change it to some other thing try not to sleep late go to bed early and wake up early start gym or yoga early mrng keep ur mind n body busy so that to don’t have enough time to think of all this n if u get any thoughts start imaging something else rather all this and start writing diary or post something of ur thoughts let it all out for once


Truly I can relate to it
Its been 5 yrs i left my friend bit till now mind brings back the best times spent
But I haven’t found any solution of how to deal with it
But whnever any thought comes better relive it for just 5 mins , not more than that and tell yr mind to just Move On . There’s no time machine to past. Thats how I deal with it until and unless it makes u depressed