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Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been BURIED.
But actually you’ve been PLANTED ☘️

Post anonymously?

But ont you think it is your responsibility to get out of the place you have been planted? It is truly, never too late to move forward!


Agreed it’s never too late to move forward!!
Here the reference is of a seed which is planted and gradually with time it pops out and grows into a plant and then a tree!!

Similarly when an individual feels she/he is in a dark situation or phase in life it’s for her/him to experience, learn from it and grow into a wiser and experienced individual!!

Nutshell: Everything & everyone in life will teach you something, you just need to find out what a situation or person is trying to teach


true, everyone has come in our life for a reason

Wise words 🌻


Beautiful words!!