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Sometimes in life you are trying to do something that u love which is purely unconventional. I tried doing the same with my YouTube channel after completing my Masters but faced a lot of criticism and demotivation from my relatives and society.

It’s been a year, uploaded 170 videos on Business, Startups but yet I am at 900 subscribers. Depressed that the channel is not taking off.

This sense of failure is killing me everyday! πŸ˜“

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First of all give it some time. Calm down. Talk to as many people as you can share it among your close circle.
Or maybe you can offer them some small gifts or online vouchers. You know your subscribers need motivation to stay connected with the Channel. So intially it’s gonna be like a deal. I hope it helps maybe a little. Try to spread the word among teenagers also

Ubah Hodan @nihantowfiq


I know how it feels I feel the same way. Every month that pass gives me depression every time my dream is delayed I feel like I can’t breathe while breathing but I manage to help myself coz I’m a therapist


Take a break ,move around some green corners ,try tk change your thought process

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Ye waqt apne layak nhi hai dosto 😞

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β€œAll you have is now.”
Aao yaar thodi baaten karen….
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