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Some times I am really mean to other people, and most of the time I don’t feel bad, like if somebody is being stupid or an idiot I normally say so, they get mad call me rude and so on, and I don’t think I have anger issues because I’ve never really been angry, I’ve other been angry like once in my life, most of the time I’m calm, I think I’m just a very judgemental person.

Post anonymously?

Well why do you think you are judgmental and find yourself in a situation where you have to points out someone’s flaws/wrong doings constantly?


I don’t really know, its kinda getting harder to see the good in people anymore


Then surround yourself with better people, but you know, you attract what you think, so if you think everyone is bad, then you will attract bad people. Duh. Just dont be so pessimistic

Hey it is fine to say truth if your intentions aren’t to hurt them actually problems with us that we don’t like to hear truth so when somebody told us some truth things really get messy by the way I prefer truth because it is like someone show me mirror if it is truth