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so yesterday i took my driver’s ed test but i didn’t do well because i was taught this last year. i was a sophomore when covid-19 hit the US so after finally getting things to settle down, we (class of 22) were given the chance to take the test yesterday

when my school announced that they’d let us take the test, they said it would be a week away. in a week, i tried to cram 8 chapters of driving, road signs, and what to do in certain situations. i did doubt myself and i knew the probability of me passing was quite low because in all honesty, i don’t ever believe in myself

also, having my head opened 4 times for the past years really did make me not care about a stupid test. i’m just disappointed with the way my school handled it because for my graduating class, we had one week to try and remember all the information

do i hate my school? of course! they didn’t care if a brain tumor was discovered in my brain, their employees (aka my teachers) expected me to be as well as the other students, they expected me to remember all the rules of the road, and they expected me to be fine.

am i embarrassed? of course! i hate that i couldn’t get at least 2 other questions right because i scored a 76 out of 100 and if i had gotten two other questions right, i would’ve gotten a passing grade for my state’s license.

to anyone reading this, thank you for listening to me. i can’t go to my friends because quite frankly, i expect them to laugh at me :')


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Hey !
it’s just a test don’t feel sad
Uh can pass it some other tym
but most imp thing is believe in yourself
nd yaa school is like that only they will never understand the problem
don’t be embarrassed it was just a test
DW everything will be fine !


Its a minor set back, don’t let it get to your head(its already going through a lot)…This can be overcome easily, don’t stress young warrior