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So yeah it’s just that I feel a lil sad because since I was a child I believed in true love and I still do. My ex cheated on me but still I have hope for true love for that someone I might find someday. But this generation is so screwed up I feel it’s just so hard. Does true love exist?


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yes it does:) , i believe in true love , im not in any kind of relationship but, ive had many heartbreaks (they were necessary tbh). Love has to be inside you and only you, you dont always need someone else to love you to show you true love . btw. ill recommend you to watch something its a triology, you’ll love it, it has three parts ofc. watch before sunrise sabse pehle, then before sunset and then before midnight:) , you’re going to feel nice <3


Probably… at least according to the internet…


Yes it does, i never got it but yeah it does


If you be careful in choosing people,you will definitely find the right person someday! True love does exist