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So ummmm…im kinda falling for my best friend…and i dont think she likes me this way
WHat should i do???
please help O.o


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Ahhh thats a wrong road to take… no no no… dont go down that road… it’ll hurt u… dude… listen to me… are u ready to lose ur precious friendship… I’ll answer that for u… NOOOO… SO DON’T DO IT

ik ik but we’ve been friends for so long and we’ve gotten so close and flirted wiff each other and talked about personal stuff…and…and…maybe i should just keep it to myself


First thing to do is accept the reality…rather than living with expectations…u will feel better

what do you mean by that O.o


Accept that…you feel for her…but not necessary that she feels the same…and she is totally right…


If she don’t like it then control and keep it to yourself

WoW so helpful -_-


Yeah, it is
You would fall for your friend more and more and perhaps the friendship would have been ruined, a disturbing void will be created, you will feel each and everything annoying, irritation, regrets and what not?
A help at very early stage that too easy and straightforward…




So what she is pansexual? She doesn’t like it in a sexual way correct?
Then it is worthy to have limits perhaps
Imagine you are the one who can enjoy her hotness every day which no other guy can…


If it’s the connection then cherish it, strengthen the bond, what else?

idk i just cherish her presence and love to be around her but we fight a lot and im the one that gets hurt…but thats what make us spicy and keeps us together sometimes…