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So this is is how it starts. I have been dating this guy for about 10 months and things have been going great. With covid and everything, we still managed to stay in touch. For about 2 weeks ago, they have stopped responding to my texts out of the blue. At first I didnt think of it anything, so few days later, I messaged again to check how they are doing and they opened the message and but didn’t respond again. I have stopped reaching out to them and decided to give them some space. It’s hard to still to continue being in the relationship, when you are just kept in the dark. A part of me does want to ask him if we are together or not but I don’t know if I’m ready to face being completely ignored again. im ready to accept whether the outcome will be.Any advice will be appreciated.

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I really don’t know what to say. So as a person that always tries to find the good side of someone else… I have a feeling you should just wait a little bit more and then breakup. Waiting is the best thing you could do right now. So just wait a little more. If you feel as if he’s ignoring you in purpose cut it off.


Thank you so much for your advice. emotionally I have been over the place in the last few days and I will hold off with contacting them again. I will use this to to rebuild my self, emotionally, mentally. So that if we do decide to break up, I will be ok. It’s hard but will persist and not break the no contact.


I can totally relate to you. I am in an exactly same situation like yours. And one thing which I have realised is that it’s all about priority. I am not saying that people do not need their own space. But they should think about the other person as well as being in a relationship is not a single person’s job. If you need space let the other person know that and don’t keep them overthink the situation. Randomly cutting off people from you life usually means that you are not that sensitive about their feelings and no one should be doing that to anyone. Like I said I was in same situation like yours, I tried to have a upfront conversation with the guy but when he kept on ignoring, I stopped trying. Coz the reality is that if he wanted me in his life he would let such a situation come where I would have questioning our relationship.


Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry you had to go through a similar situation like me. I definitely agree of letting the other person know if one needs some space. This whole confusion I’m going through could have been avoided if he was little more upfront. You are very strong and you will get through anything.

I would say text him this " Hey… You’ve not been texting lately, Is everything okay?"
The reason I’m asking you to ask him this is because it could be that he’s going through something right now and you’re not aware of it that or it’s just a nice way of asking someone why they’re not responding.

only if you feel you are okay with the possible consequences of it!


Thank you so much for both of you for the kind advice you have given me. This is greatly helping me to see my situation from different perspective.


Have you ever tried contacting him besides texting? Like his family or friends or going to his house. There could be a good reason for doing this.

Everyone need their own space, but he should have let you know this before. But if he continues ignoring… just break up. Do not try to follow him around because it will make you appear needy. And that would worsen the relationship and your image.

Love and peace.❤️


I have only texted and called him about a week and half ago but haven’t gone to his house, as the city I live is under national lockdown. I have had a time to reflect and my emotions are back to normal. I have given him the benefit of the doubt and I will try to get in touch one more time soon

hey ! i think that best way is to face the reality just talk to him there must be two condition either he is busy ,in that case he reply to you and the problem will solved another one is harsh but true i also see people lost attraction in relationship or they getting bore in this case you have to prepare mentally and emotionaly to face it but remebere asked him for a explanation
i hope he is busy in some urgent work so you guys sort out this issuse
and if he continue ignoring then send him message" i want breakup " because you have your self respect also how could he ignore you without any reason , sometime people ignore because they dosn’t wants to stay in relationship any more and they have no reason for breakup


Hey, thanks for your response. I reached out to him one more time and he continued to ignored me. I’m not gonna lie it hurts to be dumped without any explanation but I have accepted that we are over now and I’m moving on and will focus on myself now ❤️

i am glad you decided to move on , and do’nt be sad,he is not good for you .