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So there was this guy, we used to talk well, he used to flirt vicariously, We have sexted once about a couple of weeks ago even, every time he spoke to me told me how interesting I was, how hot I was and bla bla and how he was looking forward to dating me. We used to talk on calls, within a couple of days of the last call he said he was committed to a girl as in they got into a ‘serious relationship’, Why even bother leading on someone and what sort of loyalty or honesty is that towards the other girl, I asked him to delete my contact information as soon as I got to know even though he still wanted to be friends.

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What are you feeling anger, regret or somehow both?


Actually both and sad, Like all those things he said were all BS and I am questioning myself and my trust.


Honestly bolu I have been in situations where the guy flirts shows interest and then leaves like nth happened it kind of scarred me to the point where I didn’t talk to anyone for months. I still am sorting it out but one thing I know is thinking about the guy only holds us back . But that’s my way of dealing with things if you wanna stay up and cry pls cry it out all of it let go of it … that can make you feel better.
In times like these we clam up don’t talk about it but instead we should let it out loud so that acknowledge our pain that’s first step of letting go and moving on.

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