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So the first line says how am I feeling today.
I am feeling like a useless piece of shit.
Sometimes in life we don’t have that control in us and we say things out of anger and then realize what we did was wrong. Why this happens ? Why it happens with me most of the times that I get affected by the mistake if it is repeated consecutively ? I really don’t have an answer to that. Probably I am very bad at managing things and which is the foremost reason of being this much aggressive.

I agree when you love someone you ignore their mistakes, but I don’t get it how to do it when the same mistake is repeated time to time. β€œTrust me its a very silly thing but a cute thing which is gesture that we follow before going to eat”, but sadly I always remember to show that gesture happily but my girlfriend forgot it for 3 consecutive days and on the third day I burst. I tried to be calm and quiet for last two days, reacted happily and made her understand things in a much nicer way but I don’t know what happened today that I scolded her because of this thing. It’s so painful when your girlfriend feels helpless and asks GOD for something bad should happen to me( of course not death related stuffs, but like β€œYou will never ever remain happy and you will get a girl who will make your cry the way you made me today”).

I know she said all these things in anger, but maine suna hai ki kahi hui chiz ya baddua zaroor lag jati hai aur khaas kar unki jinse aap pyaar karte ho aur aapki wjaha se wo hurt hue ho :).

Life me itna kuch khaas khush hun nahi main jo agey ka sochun kya hoga kya nahi, par jab yeh sab sunta hun toh lagta hai shayad jo bachi kuchi khushi mere life me ati wo bhi nahi milegi.

I know everyone will judge me and of course will tell that I was the wrong one and I admit I am but bura laga and I am feeling bad that why I reacted so, toh socha yahin likh lun.

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