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So recently I have been feeling a lot more comfortable and secure (thanks now&me!) about being bi since I realized about two months ago. I am wanting to tell someone, and I have a friend who is really accepting, he has a few lgbt people he’s really good friends with. I know he would not tell anyone if I asked him not to, and I’d be a lot more likely to get an underreaction than an overreaction from him.

The problem is that because of the pandemic, I’ve been doing online school, we are in close contact, we text almost every day and FaceTime often, but I actually haven’t seen him in person for weeks. Is it ok to come out over text? And if so, what do I do or say? Do I just tell him outright or have an actual conversation?

What excites and terrifies me the most about coming out is that it would be real, not just a thing in my head or something I can push down. Is this what happens every time someone comes out? I’m not ready to even think about coming out to my parents, but I do want to tell someone, and I don’t know any lgbtq+ people to ask irl.

I want to be out of the closet, I want to be an open part of the amazing lgbt community, but I just don’t know how or where to start. Is coming out as bi less important or noticeable as gay or trans? Am I making too big of a deal out of it? Any advice?

Post anonymously?

You can come out over text. It might be less scary that way anyway! It’s your coming out, so what you say is entirely up to you, whether you blurt it out or slowly imply. Yes, I was scared to come out, like if I stayed quiet I’d be straight, but that’s not how it works. It does feel like it’s more real when you’re out but at the same time, that doesn’t change who you are. You’re just more open. I suggest telling your mate. And I’m bi, I feel like a lesser part of the lgbt+ community because I’m both interested in heterosexual relationships and feel like I was born the right gender for who I am. But I still like girls (I’m a girl). I guess my point is, bisexuality has so many misconceptions and is highly misunderstood. It is less noticeable. But that doesn’t make it any less important. Coming out is a big deal, no matter what you come out as. It’s your honesty and trust that’s the important part. And I think that’s beautiful. Anyway, i hope this long ramble helps!!


It did, thanks. This was exactly what I needed to hear.

happy to help :D