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so me and my bsf hold hands in the hall and kiss each other goodbye and i was finna get on the bus and she said sum “where my kiss at” so ofc we kissed. (masks on) and my principal stopped me while i was getting on the bus and said some “love who you love and i love you for that but u cant be kissin ppl all willy nilly” that is not my gf💀 last year we skipped class together all the time and we could not get away from each other (we still do) but i got in trouble today and he sat me down and talked to me… i told him i wss late to class bc i was walking my friend to class and he said “which friend…” i knew where he was leading with that… “nozomi” (what her parent were gonna name her… thats her nickname) and he gave me a pep talk abt me getting in trouble. I JUST FOUND OUT THIS GUY I LIKE THREW A DORITO BAG AT HIS BUS DRIVER IM DEAD. but still… he said “you cant be walking your friend, significant other or anyone to class you have class too” he gave me a look when he said significant other BOY THAT IS NOT MY GF😭😭😭😭 im literally dying im telling everyone abt this

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oki thats kinda cute:)) and i kiss my bestie goodbye so its normal and wtf cant you walk your bestie to class…he needs you 2 alone ur just vibin together like usual and im gonna guess your not usually late…? i hate people that will ruin a perfectly normal happy moment!! just keep doin you

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