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So…I’ve been thinking a lot about me being bi and I came to realize that although I know I am attracted to boys as well as girls, my biggest fear (right now) about publicly coming out or even just coming to a few people as bi is that I won’t have as successful relationships as I would if i just acted like I was straight. I’m assuming that I am most likely to date straight women, just because there are more of them than bi or gay guys, and I’m worried that I will never be able to have a normal or successful heterosexual relationship, just because I don’t identify as straight, and on the other hand, if (hopefully when) I get into a serious gay relationship, I will be too scared to make it public because then the world will label me as “gay.” Looking even farther ahead (I tend to overthink things to decades in the future) I got myself thinking about MARRIAGE one day (why, me, why) and I know this will be different because I will love the person I will want to marry one day, but if I marry a woman, then I might always wonder if maybe I was stifling myself, if this wasn’t the life I really wanted, and if I married a guy, then I would secretly wish that I had just said I was straight, and had the “normal” life that people are expected to have(ie marry someone of opposite sex, have kids, etc) and I would have been happier. Can anyone tell me how they overcame this, or offer advice on how to do it, as this is probably my biggest obstacle to coming out to myself and other people, eventually. Thanks in advance!

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OK, take a deep breath. If you find someone you want to marry, chances are you might’ve found your soul mate! Why regret that? If you’re bi, you’re bi. Better to be you than to hide all your life! If it helps, I’m a girl and I’d date a bi dude! :D I hope this helps somehow :)