So it happens like when you think other person would never do such a particular thing and they do exactly the same thing, it breaks you part. He came into my life when I was least thinking that I needed love to complete my life. He came in my life and loved that feeling of having that one special person in the life. I am a true believer of love. We came close, shared special moments , I used to wake up thinking of seeing him, we work together, we used to walk back home together (my fav part of the day) until he decided he does not wan to talk to me. From that day till date I have been facing sleepless nights, I am an introvert person I usually don’t like to be around people that much, but now I spend most of the time with people who aren’t my close friends, just to avoid any time I can get with myself. I never believed in online dating, but went on dates with random people. I cry randomly, usually I go to bed crying. This is not me I was a very optimistic person, but he has changed me I am doing things which I never believed in. And I don’t know how to get myself back. I loved him so much, I am stuck with the memories I had with him. I thought a closure might help me that why he did what he did, but now I think what good can closure do, he will not say or do anything what would give me some relief. If he wanted me in his life he could not have let this happen. And the worst part is I have to see him everyday and he pretends as if there was nothing between us ever. That kills me.

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Dear friend can totally relate to every word written by u…
Ur post pains my heart alot…
What has happened
Has happened
Unfortunately u invested ur time,emotions n energy in a wrong person.
Well you deserve better much much better…
Trust the universe n god
There are better plans for you.
Your heart is tender
Dnt date ppl randomly
Because it will hurt you
As you believe in true love…
So at this very moment to move on in life…
Can u pls change your place of work?
Is that possible…
Because i cannot even imagine how painful n hurtful it might be to face him…

At this very moment just give urself n ur family priority in ur life…
Focus on u
Pamper n love urself
Absorb n divert your mind in activities that interest you…
Do something different
Maybe joining some course
Learning something new
Explore ur life…
U may try volunteering for Ngos.
Try meeting new ppl…
Pursue ur hobbies…

N most imp dnt suppress ur feelings…
Whenever u feel like crying
Take it out
Just give urself sometime
Everything will be fine…

Just accept the hard reality…
N embrace urself…
Also pls dnt try dissecting why it happened
N never blame urself.

Moving on from heartbreak is never easy
It takes lot of time
But it happens…
Just makeup ur mind…
Make firm decision…

Good luck.

More strength,power n light to you.

God bless

Take care

You are stronger than you know.


The most tough part of moving on for me is that I see him every day and his behavior as if nothing has ever happened. No I can’t make a random decision of changing my work place coz I have worked really hard to get where I am right now and I am not willing to take a wrong and un planned step and give all that away for that guy.


I must state
I appreciate your thinking
Amazing dear…
Yes you are right u must not give something so precious to you away for him
N yes that was a little wrong suggestion from my side
Because that is running away
So your response clearly indicates you are a very sorted person
N extremely responsible
You are a fighter…
May u find lot of more strength…
I know it will be difficult
But u too start behaving just as he behaves.

One way could be to recollect all the bad memories attached to relation
Instead of goodones…

So very proud of you girl
You really have a long way to go…
Just invest all your time n energy on your career…
Good luck.

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