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So in the past I used to be a toxic person and talk about my friends and get jealous of their accomplishments and items and stuff and I admit it was bad but I learned my mistake and fessed up. I felt like a terrible person for saying all that stuff about my best friends and when I told them they were glad that I told them but they dumped me anyway which I can understand. Only my best best friend stayed with me because she wanted me to become a better person and help me out with it which I am really grateful for. But it’s kinda hard without them because I hate whenever I go onto social media like for example discord and tiktok and see all of them with matching bios and pfps and everything and it makes me so sad because I could have joined them but they hate me now I think. My best best friend stayed with me but we don’t really talk much that much because she’s talking to the other people in my friend group. If anyone is reading this does anyone know how I can become a better person and less toxic because I wanna get my friends back or make new friends and prove to them that I’ve changed but idek how :/

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I think that everyone deserves a second chance, and so do you. You have to speak to those friends of yours and make them understand that you’ve got rid of all the toxicity. And if they doubt it, then prove it to them. I’m sure that if they had been your true friends in the past, they will definitely give you a second chance. Good Luck! 😀


What you did was hurtful and distrusting so I hardly doubt anything will ever be the same again between you and your old friends. However, you also did a great thing by telling them. It is so rare that people can admit their faults to someone’s face so that really shows how good your character is. All of us do weird crazy things because we’re not perfect and if they dont want to be friends with you anymore thats absolutely fine. There are so many other people in the world. Instead of getting jealous of your friends or anyone else you see you should start to ask your self why you were getting jealous of their accomplishments. Try to work on yourself and your future. Find out what makes you happy and what you can accomplish so you can start to be happy about your own accomplishments and not worry about anyone else. One you start to feel happy within yourself and all your progress, the right people will come to you. Its so hard to move on from best friends and people youve been friends with for a long time. Bout this is just one bump on the road n your life and everything will get better for you. In a few years or even months youre going to look back on this moment and see how much youve grown. You are a great person and youre going to become even better. Everything will slowly come together if you work for it.