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So i’m new here. I’ve got a lot on my mind, and don’t think I can share the things that are bothering me with anyone that I actually know because i’m the guy with all the answers.

Not sure if this is even the forum to use for such things but I feel alone even though i’m surrounded by people, how is that even possible?

I hate what my life has become, i’m the anchor for everyone around me but they don’t seem to even care that i’m literally drowning or perhaps it’s just that they don’t notice.

I got divorced 3 years ago, and I was basically lied to about her medical condition to make me feel sorry for her so I let her back in. Now I feel like a complete fool but the fear of being alone keeps me from doing anything about it.

Why do I feel like this, when I told her how I felt, she is acting out saying that I am her Xanax her comfort and She is feeling like she is loosing control of her life without me constantly calming her. The reality is I want to be anywhere but here.
Shall I continue

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Hey we are here for you and people notice, they just don’t say things you know, people notice you anchor for them and i am pretty sure they notice you too. I think try couples therapy maybe?

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