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So I was thinking about coming out cuz I’ve been knowing for over 5 years that I’m not straight and I like girls. I don’t think I like guys I could never imagine me dating one, It has been like this even before the idea of being gay crossed my mind, since I was very homophobic back then. This year I have been thinking about coming out. But idk how for many reasons. I can’t say I’m gay or I’m a lesbian out loud, not even when I’m alone in my room I’ve tried but I really can’t so how am I supposed to say it? my voice won’t come out I already know. I thought to maybe just write it down but then If they asked me questions in person I can’t answer either. I won’t wait “until I’m ready” bc I never am. I also thought of coming out as bisexual cuz it’s easier for me to say that, but although Idk maybe one day I could date a man cuz who knows I don’t think so but I still don’t want to say that bc it’s still probably never going to happen and I don’t want them to have hopes (that I’ll date a man) I really have nothing to say about man, idk If should say that. But what if one day I did and ppl thought I was lying? Idk this was so messy sorry. I just don’t know and I never will but i need to come out I can’t do this anymore I’ve never been good at hiding things and only if I said i was gay I would feel comfortable well actually not but yes bc I am gay but no bc i can’t say it and it makes me uncomfortable to say so.
sorry, this makes no sense.


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I would be okay with saying the word first, myself, but you really don’t have to. Maybe not use those words. Maybe not say “I’m a lesbian”. Maybe you could just be like “I like women/girls.” Or, until you’re more comfortable with the idea yourself, you could just not say anything and try out having a girlfriend, maybe online, if that’s an option. First thing’s first, though, make sure you’re in a safe environment to be able to say you’re gay if you’re ready for that! 😺


Just dont think that much…People who accept you for who you are…are the ones who should matter to you…They will always be there for you…And in case of parents ill really quote sushant divgikar…“Gay, Lesbian, trans you are later but first you are their child and they will support no matter what” Real are the ones for whom it wont matter after you come out…


Hey. Up for a conversation?


Hey I am in situation just like u anyway can we b friends i am gay too🙂


yeah sure :)


Maybe you just don’t like to put a label on yourself and even if you do labels are not absolute and they change with time. I’m bisexual and I have changed my label more times than I can count. It’s completely upto you if you want to come out or not and only do it if you are comfortable and people around you are accepting because if they are not it’s going to be hard. And if you do want to stick with a label for yourself then you should try to speak this out loud maybe infront of a mirror
when you are alone because YOU should be comfortable with it. Write it down like a speech until you have memorized the words. Or try to write a whole page about your identity and then burn it if you want to. And no one will think you are lying because it’s a big spectrum and you don’t have to have everything figured out now. Don’t stick to a label you don’t want.