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So I used to be really outgoing and had a lot of close friends, but then pandemic and quarantine hit and although we see each other every day (online mostly) we just seem to be drifting apart, and now I just seem to be waiting until high school in a few months. So I have a lot of casual friends, but not really any close friends I could tell anything right now. I’ve been thinking a lot while in quarantine and realized that I have had romantic feelings towards a boy once, and not just girls. I can’t help but feeling like if the pandemic wasn’t here, I would already have everything figured out because I would have people I could share with, but am just not completely sure when I think about it. Because I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it, I keep doubting myself unconsciously and thinking maybe I’m pressuring myself or trying to convince myself even though I know that I have been attracted to boys in the past. Media representation doesn’t help either, with characters like Sara Lance, Constantine, and Clarke Griffen convincing people that being bi just means you’re a horny person who will hook up with anyone whenever. Sorry for the long post, but does anyone have any advice on this?

Post anonymously?

The pandemic hit all of us very hardly, there was a time when i was total offline for almost a month. No social media, no calls nothing. Even I hadn’t contacted them for months and neither they do. But as soon as I met them, we all came around back where we left. We again become friends, even our friendship grew more.
And it’s totally ok to be a person of bisexual orientation, everyone has it’s own. Everything is normal.


Honestly FUCK that stereotype of Bisexual people. If that was true for by people than DAMN could you believe all the awful shit straight people would be associated with if they weren’t the “majority” (that’s only the majority cause they banned anything else centuries back).

You know who was Bi? All of those Greek philosophers everyone’s quoting, Greeks were super Bi. Plus just cause representation is bad doesn’t mean everyone follows it/believes it, and if they do you tell em why they aren’t all unethically fathering 300 kids like Ghengis Khan

… well I’m bi so maybe I can help you! A few years ago I had the biggest crisis when I realised I was bi, I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t even focus when this girl I like was in the room. I struggled, I didn’t understand that being bi is just as OK as being gay or straight. Being bi has nothing to do with being hyper sexual , just people see it that way because there are more people for us to be attracted to. Apparently! My point is, be who you are, society should have a say on your soul. Because there is so much more to you than who you love :)

Just be who YOU are. Being Bi is completely okay… the people who say that stuff are homophobic don’t listen to them… everyone has an opinion and someone is gonna get offended by that what so ever… but sometimes you just have to listen to YOUR opinions… and ignore others… like now!
I hope you realize that it’s not wrong to like both genders… Have a nice day!


Thanks everyone, your advice really has made me feel better and understand a little bit more. Going to try bringing up lgbtq relationships to some people and see how they react…fingers crossed!