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So I started making notes of all the things I want to say to “him” as it cause trauma to actually send them in reality. Also sending opens the doors for communication and I at a point where I feel if I actually did and express myself, I don’t think he’s intelligent enough to understand or emotionally connected to himself. It’s really helpful, I wrote a really big letter, and the next day I felt he didn’t deserve it and now on my Apple notes, just what I’d normally say over an email or text. It really helps and it’s so healing 🥰


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this is amazing!!! I know just how you feel, I had a boyfriend who was rubbish at communicating how he was feeling, which isn’t bad, but he needs to work on it. you’re making the right decision in not sending anything to him, don’t pour salt on the wound you know? but yes, get your ideas and the fuzz in your brain out there and then forget about it!! you go girl (or guy?) 😚


Thank you & yes go girl 🥰
It’s so cleansing

It’s a lot harder when they are emotionally constipated 🖤


really good and very proud. keep it up queen


Is it fair to not express the feelings/ thoughts to your partner?
Of course you know your partner very well, but I feel the things that you have noted down are wroth telling him.
Maybe you can schedule it to deliver somewhere in near future?