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So I kinda have a crush on someone we see each other almost everyday but haven’t spoken ever we also follow each other on insta but I am really really scared to text first or make a move so can y’all tell me how to go about


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If you are sure that he / she is single then go for it.


I am not but mostly yes it seems that person is single


Also I have had experience of proposing a guy I have done that twice and not worth it one said yes and didn’t really mean it we broke up so proposing a guy has been bad for me also proposing him directly will be a bit too fast on top of it he’s my brother’s friend’s friend


Go with your intuition, in these cases it’s better to leave it with the universe. If you feel that there’s a spark between you two, checkout whether he is single, if yes then plan out and approach him. The worst possible case would be a no, but atleast you will deserve a closure.