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So, I just want some friends, basically. I have some in real life, but not many LGBTQ+ ones, so that’s what I’m looking for. OR, if you’re just nerdy and have a crap ton of fandoms then I will also be the man to talk to. I like Clone High (obviously); Markiplier; Jacksepticeye; The Real O’Neals; Friday Night Funkin; Five Nights at Freddy’s; Undertale; Overwatch; Harry Potter; Helluva Boss; Thomas Sanders; etc. etc. etc. I am a big nerd!
I also watch anime and read manga when it’s available. I listen to every type of music out there.
And, I am actually 17, if you can believe it. ((I know, it’s weird thinking a 17 year old likes FNAF still, but it was a part of my coming of age, lmao.))
Oh, I’m Dylan by the way. Trans (he/him); bisexual; still coming to terms with the romantics. 😺


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Haha wholesome

Am I THAT wholesome? Lmao. Dude, if you really knew the real me you would think I was crazy.


The cutest though everr!!!omgieeee I have friend who is LGBTQ u know what they’re the best!! Everr friend that I have their open minded but somehow ofcoz not every people like them. Let me be straight honey!! Be yourself honey go fire!!! I support your hapiness be the way u like quueenn!!! ❤

You are a very energetic being, not finna lie, lmao.

I like it, even if it don’t always be staying that way.


HAHA I’m? Really?? maybe I’m yeah lol have fun while ik u will have a long long drama a long your journey but don’t give a fuvck to someone who bark to u honey just be the way you’re ik you’re AWESOME wokiee I want to play some game will up onto this platform cause it seem nice to be hanging for a whole I think… hehe bye honey have fun…❤


I’m into anime and manga… bt thats it… nothing of whatever u mentioned before…except harry potter of course… u sure know ur stuff 😂😂

Lmao. I am a big nerd. A’ight, tho. We found 3 things on common ground. what anime you watch/ manga you read?


Have watched two BL anime- yuri on ice and given
Currently reading kingdom, giant killing, solo levelling, reincarnated as a slime,
Okay a lotttt of isekai genre… kinda hooked on the idea of reliving my life somewhere else…
Other than that a lot of slice of life anime… and a lot of action ones… of course i have watched the famous ones… u know naruto, bleach, black clover, fairy tail, tokyo ghoul, and so many more…

I love that. Yuri on Ice was amazing.
Love Takyo Ghoul, Fairy Tail, Black Butler, and Attack On Titan, myself.
I’m also a big fan of A Promised Neverland.
And, tbh, same with the Isekai genre. I just wanna be uprooted into some other place sometimes, you know?


Yeah dude… bt i want to be overpowered mc… not the average guy😂😂 u know the one who gets the girls and all the shit😂😂😂… oh did u watch god of high school yet? I havent yet watched the second season of promised Neverland
Ohh vinland saga… watched it yet? Its amazing… ohhh sports genre… haikyu, kuroko no basketball, speed… then there is one on sumo wrestling…
Oh moukusho tensei or whatever that anime was… it came out last year i think… this dude in his 30s is born again and he does magic…

Oof-- me too on the overpowered mc. I wanna be that masc dude e’rybody like.
I have watched God of Highschool! Not Vinland Saga or the new one. I only watched a couple episodes of Haikyu.
Have you ever watched Kakegurui? I enjoy that one a lot.


Hehehehhe… kakegurui is sick😂😂😂 fuck its like some psychopath drew that shit… i mean i like it… bt still…

Oh u tried future diary? Its kinda gives off the same vibe… there is couple of more gambling animes out there… one is “one out” another one i forgot… u might find it on YouTube…

Blue lagoon or black lagoon i forgot the name
Yu yu hakusho ( my first anime, made in 1992… its old as fuck)

OOh, nice! Thank you for the recommends!!
I have heard if Future Diary, but never got to it. I’ll try those out!

hi oki well you seem liked you’d be an interesting friend and i like some of those things but i like indie/alternative music and im a lesbian and im 16 and my names Vic/Vicki(i prefer those to my full name) i like some animes but havent had much time to watch or read many mangas/animes
but i really like Junji Ito, hes cool

A’ight; a’ight. I like Indie and alt music, too, so that is no issue. Awesome, your being a lesbian and all. And I like the name Vic-- sounds rad. Kinda like a grunge star, not gonna lie. Where are you from?

the US wby?

Same. Good to know you ain’t somewhere off the walls.

lmao right well cool i dont meet many ppl from here tbh

It happens. I don’t have any social media really that we could regularly chat on, but I do have a google hangout’s account if you want it.


Okay… I may be not the person for you😂 I don’t do anything whatsoever you mentioned… but I’m a bookworm, does that count? I kinda want to know what you said up there, I mean I’m intrigued.
P.S. 20yo, women, straight.

You know what, you could definitely be the person I’m looking for. You never know. Tell me more about yourself!


Hmmm. More about myself. I’m INFP-A. If you are into MBTI, you can totally know my brain and heart and soul from there.
I had a bad childhood so I do have some issues, but apart from that I’m pretty normal, I guess. I love learning. I want to know everything, read every book and travel every place and I love stories. I’m second year undergraduate student (Eng Hons). I’m taking some classes on Coursera, two on psychology and one on linguistics. I’m bilingual, English and Hindi. I’m learning French and Russian right now. I studied Sanskrit in my middle school, but I don’t remember any of that, so I’ll refresh that once I have some time😂😩😂.
I want to learn ancient latin too, and ancient greek, and Roman.

Too much to learn and such a small life.
Hope I didn’t scared you😂.

Tell me about yourself.

Okay! And, I am, so that does give me a lot of insight. I am actually an ENFP-T!
I also love to learn. I am very interested in different cultures and languages. I am nearly fluent in Swedish; completely in English; I am learning German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese currently. I have never took an actual class in those, though, except for online.
I enjoy art and theater. I want to be on Broadway.
I am a big nerd and enjoy a ton of various things. I am also a bit of a book worm.


Up for being friends?

Hell yeah!