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So… I just started talking to a guy who lives really far away from where I live. He seems nice and kind but I feel like he ignores my messages. Or maybe he’s just not that active on social media. I like him but not to an extent where I want to go meet him yet. Cause I feel he only cares for the intimacy and nothing else. He’s not giving any sort of hints that it might be something more than just a fling so…what should I do if he asks me to come visit him?


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I have been in this situation and trust me he just wants to take advantage of you so stop talking to him and move on in life


You think I should give him a chance?😗👉👈


Don’t put yourself in so much confusion for some random guy. We often spend a lot of energy and eventually lower our standards because we don’t understand people on virtual media. Don’t wait for him , don’t chase anyone when you are the catch babe


I think you’re right…😔


You said he lives far . . .
Don’t just meet him if you aren’t sure about his character or sum … You got a lotta excuses …
Even if you wanna meet … make sure you’re safe … Like just take care that the place you’re going is something you’re initiating etc. .


Tbh I don’t feel like meeting him this early on…and I won’t. But the real question or the problem I have is whether he’s genuine or not. Ans is not faking it so that he can take advantage of me or something…some guys do that uk☹