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So I have a friend ( who is like my sister ) I share my things with her ,she’s listens ,validates ,advices ,corrects ,helps ,never says no if she can help me n is good to me n is brutally honest with me ( kind of insulting way but that how she is from start ) she’s only expressive sometimes not all n is very picky in sharing or telling things back to me about herself n most of times if incase I ask her to go out or join out just to hangout for company she’s says she’s busy , if incase I don’t talk she jus sits on response (I’ve asked her she says that’s how I’m n I feel nothing but comfortable around you that it (lot of mood swings )
this triggers or questions me sometimes if she really my friend or ( like sister ) to me or am I the only one putting effort n assuming that she cares or not ??

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Ye toh mere baare Mai baat hori h


Don’t blame her. If she is giving you here time to listen you then she care for you.


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