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So I broke up 4 years ago,

I did all a gentleman would do in his relationship giving space and not mingling both our personal lifes into each other,
never questioned her about her friends

Then realise she was cheating on me for two months and now I have this bad thing like finding reason to hate every girl I start liking thinking she would do same.

And to add it up she used to be mentally and emotionally abusive.

I know I can be the best man out their but every time I go out part of me says the other person is same would cheat on you.
The college I attend women I meet they are like man you are dark skinned why a girl would ever date you.
I tried that ignoring this but in real world when I tried this was true.
Part of me be like fuck it and
Part of me get affected,
I don’t know how to handle this.

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Shashidhar @shashidhar117

Hey, bruh! I can totally relate to you because exactly the same thing happened to me as well. It took a toll on me and I spent months to come out of it.
You will come out of that shell too. Work on confidence and focus on career first.
other things can wait if you want you can hit Gym as well.
Be strong .


I did
I lost 18kgs in last 3 months and I’m just using that anger to on my body to shed those kgs and my studies.

I don’t wanna hate people but I do. That my main concern

Shashidhar @shashidhar117

I understand your anguish, just because one person betrayed you don’t mean to hate everyone. Don’t bring negativity inside you and it will attract toxic people. Try to be positive rather than judging anyone try to be in their shoes and think.

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