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So few months ago I was in dharamshala himachal pradesh, a boy called me and said “there is a ghost in our house” at first I thought someone is kidding with me, after few days again I got a call but this time it was his mother she said “there is someting paranormal in our house we don’t feel safe here” when I went there I felt nothing because usually if there is anything paranormal, you can feel the vibes, but still I continued my investigation and I got nothing, sometimes ghost or anything paranormal can be your own manifestation, I explained this to the house members, that whole night i was thinking about the scenario, suddenly I got unconscious and i saw something creepy (can’t share that), next day I called my partner (he is a psychic) and again I went on investigation with him, as we entered the house everyone was there accept that mother and son who called me at the first time, when I asked them where are they, house members was looking at us in a strange way like they don’t know us, a person came forward and asked me “who are you” I explained them the whole story, they didn’t believed…but still that case is incomplete in my records…I’ve many questions in my mind who were they? Why they called me? What was the purpose?

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