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So basically I met a girl in online for the reason to support Cancer people we became friends and we made a online group to support people who are suffering from cancer i am from Bangalore and she from Mumbai we became good friends and we have talked like 2 clock mid night everything and i started to like her and didn’t told her after she was busy with study’s i not talked to her after 2 month i Don’t know why but i told her i like her and than she told no i see u as friend every girl’s same dialogue and she called me told today that i am in relationship in video call i couldn’t control myself and smiled like nothing and she told don’t share my number in online because i didn’t like why do i have to do like that to the girl i like she didn’t trust me also and i ended the call and told i will delete your number don’t worry and deleted her number but deeply i can’t control myself i bust out tears it’s the worst day sorry to others who are reading this i thought if i share my feelings here i will get better thank you for reading 🥹

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