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So apparently my bua who is 34 years now is not married . She had certain conditions as she has work in Bombay which can’t be shifted so she wanted the groom from that particular city only . She knows the city well and so the people . Most people over their are false , cheater’s . They will show something and will actually have something . Soo she asked my family that she will find a good boy but it took pretty much time and she is 34 . The main point is that because my bua had her career in first place my family thinks this is what I will . Soo they are against for me working .
I know my bua did a mistake it’s a little too late but I know and I believe that she will surely fined someone just as she wants . She herself regrets her decision sometimes but now the past can’t be changed .


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Firstly, I would request you to not treat that as a mistake. I have respect for your Bua. She followed her own path. But now she has started falling under family pressure, which has made her think ki working till 34 was a mistake.

Personally, I would give being Financially independent as a priority. Dekho yeh shaadi waadi hain na, sab naseeb ka khel hain. And also she has decided to find her guy herself. Mad respect.
It is never too late to get married. Also it is never too early to get married. Sabki priorities alag hoti hain.

So you also need to prioritize your needs and wants. Shaadi ke chakkar mein life kharab nahi hona chahiye.

Main bhi 32 ka hoon, single hoon. My profession also prevents many people to commit. But thik hain, there is still someone out there for me. Haan late ho sakta hain, par khushi and shaanti rahegi. Ghar walo se already ladai jhagde ho gaye hain yeh leke. But its actually my life, and I need to go about it in my way.


What’s your profession

I’m in merchant navy, where I have to be out at sea for 6 - 7 months at a time. And many of the girls are not/cannot do LDR.


U are right they don’t want marriage just ldr or they cheat

Some people need to understand that, there are many in this world, where they have fought their way through to get to where they are now.

Nobody has the right to put anyone down because of the choices they made. They had to choose at one point, and they did what they thought was best for them at that time. That needs to be respected.

And, if you don’t agree, or have a different opinion, better to be frank and upfront about it. We respect that.