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She said “let me go” at least this time… i value her so much… i have taken her for granted thst why she broke up and she doesn’t want to be in relationship with anyone… but we really love each other., we talk sometimes… that day she said mistakenly “apn apne ghar me na…” and the started crying… m trying o move on but cant , its been 6 months…😣😭 what should i do… i dont want to brk our bond fship n rship but she is suffocated … she should realise my worth too… suggestion … what should i do now . Pl help

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Don’t think much Sometimes letting go is the best thing you can do it to yourself. If you love her just let her be free, free from the pain which you gave her unexpectedly. You have to loose your friendship or whatever bond you guys share and things will take time but sooner or later you will realize you did justice with yourself

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