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She got everything she wants from our parent, act like a ‘crybaby’ and and involve everyone with her problem. Im studying like a crazy at the point just to get attention. I wanna say it unfair but i cant bcz i know she also secrifice something. She go to boarding school at 10 while i go there at 13. Ofc i spend my time more at home but still…
Im happy when she say she get to go to a good university bcz her grade. But now when she struggle she got me into her problems. It dont mean that i dont wanna help, i still help her at first but at the point that she dont stop asking for my help make me getting annoy. Just look at the back when we still high school, i work as a part time while she enjoy her youngdays. When i collect money to rent a room while she got everything from our parent. When i have a difficult time but she stop me from tell mother. When help mother set up the house while she relax on the bed watching phone. When i wash bathtub while she hanging out.
“U need to help her. She secrifice for our family. She only one.” Thats what my mother say. I dont know if my mother blind or something. Im the one who take care of mother when u r ill bcz she busy catch her lover. I feel so stupid. Its not like i dont wanna help her. But i also have something to do with my money. I hope i can get out from here.


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