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Sexual Assault
2020: I was assaulted in the metro. He touched me at my breasts and hips. I still feel his breath on my face and his hands on me. I couldnโ€™t sleep that night.
2015: I was assaulted by my boyfriend who was 5 years elder than me. I was just 18 at that time. I kept saying no but he didnโ€™t stop. Thank god to my friend who intervened and saved me. Breaking up with him was very difficult for me. But I did it. He stills messages me on my bday every year and itโ€™s always scary.
2014: I was assaulted on a road while I was on my 2 wheeler. Another bike came nearby and the rider touched my breast.
These incidents still give me shivers but I know they were the major incidents but there must have been so many times when we all must have been assaulted in some or the other way but didnโ€™t recognize it. I have never spoken about this earlier. I know I am not the only one. I just wanted to speak up.
I ask others also to speak upโ€ฆ

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I feel you sis, I have been molested since I was 6yrs old
The first time it was a neighbor he was nine years older than me . I was at their home playing with his lil brother he asked me to come along with him for grocery shopping, his mom encouraged me to go along, so I went . It was a little after 2pm so the neighborhood was quiet. I canโ€™t continue this but Iโ€™ll tell you he didnโ€™t rape me but he did everything apart from that dreadful thing which haunts me now in my teenage years cause at the time I didnโ€™t know what he did, he also gave me some cash and said to not tell anyone about it. Then later on these kinda events kept happening with other people but the thing is they were relatives everytime I kept quiet. I told my cxn about it but no one other than her knows about any of this.

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