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Scared with situations confused lonely I to cry…talk to someone share all my thoughts that I have inside make me free from this…

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Hi. Thank you for sharing.
I hear you.
I understand how you feel.

Please be kind to yourself. Give it some time. Everything will be okay.

You’re stronger than you know.

Please share what’s goin on.
I’m here to listen.

I’m here for you.

hey, you got this. im here for you. If you want to share anything just go with it. I hope this make you feel better :) love you


Hi dear one,
It is ok to be confused
It is fine to be scared…
Pls try writing here what is bothering or disturbing u so much…
U will feel better
Just take it out …
Pls dnt bottle up
Express it.
Maybe someone can help you…

More power,light n strength to u
God bless you dear one.