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Right now, I am feeling happy and grateful… Cause of Now&Me… Why? Cause I can post whatever I feel and think… There are so many people to cheer up and sending loads of love and hugs… That made me do the same and I feel so much better sending people love, hugs and power… When I do this I understand what the typer feels and how much they want the other person who isn’t okay to feel okay and loved and strong.
Lots of Love and Power to you… I wish you live a meaningful life for YOURSELF! Live and let live. First Live😁

Love yourself and help other love themselves😌

Thankyou so much Now&Me community 🤗💞❤️

Post anonymously?

It feels so amazing to be a part of this platform, it’s truly a blessing in disguise!!!❤️❤️❤️

Same here ❤

Dil khol ke rakh diya yaar aapne 😭😭😭💝💝
So much love is here never thought when I joined
We ourselves might as well not b fine but the efforts to make the others feel heard abundant here 😭💝


Hi dear vibha,
This is such a sweet post…
It indicates that you are an amazing person
Who understands and values the efforts others put in…
Your post speaks volumes about your sensitive n tender nature n compassionate personality…
Keep this up…

Yes this forum is incredible…
I just hope it can help someone in need in anyway …

God bless you always.
Keep shining keep smiling
May all your desires come true…

Keep radiating ur positivity like this always.

Thankyou dear😌😭💕Your kind words means a lot🤗


No words to express gratitude on this sweet gesture of yours!!
Thanks a ton🙏🙏
Take care and stay blessed!!