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Right now got a gulp within ma throat intensely while reminiscing the good old heartily days when I was more like a loose cannon with nothing holding me back to anything… I could feel the adrenaline chill running down the spine all over…

I chase the memory of it still, of every chill
Chided by that silence of a hush sublime
Blind to the purpose of the brute divine
But you were mine
Staring in the blackness at some distant star
The thrill of knowing how alone we are, unknown we are
To the wild and to the both of us
I confessed the longing I was dreaming of
That ever has loved me, there’s no better love
Darling, feel better love
And I’ve never loved a darker blue
Than the darkness I have known in you, own from you
When our truth is burned from history
By those who figured justice in fond memory, witness me
Like fire weeping from a cedar tree
Know that my love would burn with me
We’ll live eternally…

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Really heartfelt .✨

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