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hey I was feeling very low today and thought I’d come here and just talk to you guys
the reason behind this is, I’ve been dating this amazing girl for two months now and everything was great but today we got into our first fight. Well it was more of a passive aggressive fight over something that wasn’t even important. We tired to talk about it but were very unsuccessful because we ended up just changing the topic and acted like everything is normal. Once I got home I texted her and she replied very vaguely and that is extremely unlikely of her. I know this affected her and I got hurt in the process too but I don’t know what to do next. This is my first relationship I don’t want it crumbling over something so insignificant.
If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it and if not that’s fine too, thanks for reading it all.


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Don’t try to fix everything

Not every time things go well

Stay quite and understand other opinion then humble share your

If they do it regularly left them they are not mature

Also learn to let it go… don’t try too hard to fix everything


See, the thing is understand the important of Space and Communication.

Sometimes we don’t want someone to solve the problem or magically make everything better.

Sometimes we just need space to reevaluate what we did, so giving each other space is okay and should be encouraged

She couldn’t ask you for space because them you will think that it is serious than you thought.

Just give her space and time and them talk to her,


Have a talk with her maybe when she is cooled off. Just let her know that you are there for her whenever she is ready


Hey budd. You know my girlfriend is also my first official relationship ever. And while we were at it. We got into a lot of fights like a lot of. But we sorted out. The key is telling each other what bothered you both. Like sometimes even at silly things we argue a lot and when we don’t talk about it . It becomes worst.
So first ask her and tell her . When you realised you have hurted her in any minimal way say sorry and tell her that what she did and it hurted you so that she can also have a chance to apologise.
When you are in your first relationship sometimes it happens but don’t leave it. Don’t change the topic. Because if you keep doing it. One day there will be a bigger argument and then all these things will come out in the worst way possible and can cause a big damage. Understand her opinion and try to make her understand yours. Even about the silliest things. I hope things work out soon.
Lots of love to you guys❤️