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(Plz help) Okay am here to share one of my problem and that is (I am crossed eye/squint eye)…it is a situation where both of your eyes are not align (in case u dont know)…okay i have faced many problems due to it throughout my life am 20-21 now… The thing which constantly makes me worry is that i am just unworthy of love as the main thing which makes a person to fall in love is the eye contact at first…its also difficult for me to get connect with someone due to it am also not confident to talk to girls ( as I constantly worry to court her as what if she is getting trouble of such a ugly guy is courting her) okay so there comes one more thing am ugly to and am poor too… Idk I feel like I will never get the experience of getting into relationship with someone or the feeling of love…just adding one more thing to this which is more bad is that am blind with one eye (yes I can only see with one eye)… Which makes it impossible to go for a eye surgery (becoz of the risk at first)… And second (becoz doctor told that there is not use of a surgery as the eye will return back to the squint after some time)… Okay so am done with telling you people some of my things with am struggling a lot this days… If there is anyone here who can help or maybe can tell me what to do in this situation I will be so thankfull to you… (Plz be kind as am already struggling a lot)

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I feel you, im a girl who faces this. I feel inferiority about my looks. No guy likes me, my crush makes fun of me (ex crush)
You know the advantage of our situation? We won’t have to go through fake love, cause a person who loves another person irrespective of looks is definition of TRUE LOVE. Ultimately true love is more important and sacred than temporary infatuation or attraction. The destination of true love has short journey for some, while others have a long journey. I pray to God you find your love of life and also don’t worry about your eyes, you are very lucky to have eye sight in one eye at least, there are people with worst condition. You are attractive ❤️you are lovable ❤️Because the best creator(God) in the world created you, he can’t go wrong.


Hey thankyou soo much for ur wonderfull words…if I be honest I was having same mindset of being thankfull with what I have… But it gets hard as life goes on… Living life without having someone by our side will get hard as life move forward also we have so many limitations in life am sorry for being such negative about my situation… It’s just that i needed some help to overcome this situation and am just tired of seeking help now…( okay am gonna end this thing by saying I can feel u just stay strong u are having a right mindset towards our situation just carry it on… (It’s just I need to walk with that same mindset again) … Once again thankyou for your reply… THANKYOU


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