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People say, don’t believe in luck that’s all bullshit but the fact is things like this are said by the people who are already lucky enough to make their own destiny.
A person who is trying so hard in life and still doesn’t feel as they should get, what they deserve then I truly blame the luck factor, because how a 17-year-old or 10 years old becomes so rich and another person is just trying and working so hard and still doesn’t get what he wants.


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It’s not like that yeah some people want to start early so o that their future can be bright and some just make it cuz of their talent but remember hard work always pays off now or later it will be worthy it might take some time but trust me it definitely will


I truly respect your thoughts but I don’t think hard work is the only factor left in this world now, just look at the rikshaw and daily vendors, my beliefs from hard work is far away now.


Yeah I understand that but I think people should never give up no matter whatever the situation is if u need to make money you need to work hard
Rikshaw drivers and daily vendors even I feel bad for them, they work daily in this hot summer still earns little money but they are earning money like that’s their job they are working hard so that their family lives happily they don’t want thier children to earn money like they are earning and someday I am sure these people are gonna get a lot of respect from people so don’t loose hope!


hi i dont know what’s got you feeling this way. some things aren’t just meant to happen but you do make your own destiny. its tough for everyone just maybe at different levels. call it whatever but you can always achieve exceptional things. hard work is just a bonus.


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