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People around me have hurt me so much that I have literally stopped talking to almost everyone. I avoid public gathering, I run away whenever any thing involves a group meeting or any thing which has many people involved. I was exactly opposite of this few years back. I kind of hate this feeling because I know I am not the best version of myself rn, Infact I’m miserable. I feel stuck and sad.
I was in a relationship with this guy, he literally made me feel pathetic every single day by criticizing how I look, how I do anything. never had he appreciated anything about me. that added to the pain I was feeling.
I just dont know what to do, I dont know how to overcome this feeling, how to be old version of myself again. The carefree and talkative one!


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Is this me??? I feel like you’re speaking for me !!
Welll …I’m stuck in a similar situation rn… and I guess I’ve started to figure things out… I’ve cut some people off of my life who made me feel miserable abt myself…Got a fresh start, improving my old skills that I had paused because of a few ppl and studies… so I can suggest you that, ignore all the stuffs that ur ex or others told u which broke you… remember they’re mere human beings, they have no power over you. And he probably talked shit abt you cuz he himself had some shit going on in his life and he tried to suppress you to feel better, to feel like he’s powerful or something… try to forgive him and move on… believe yourself and start valuing yourself and your own company… you’ll be back to normal again😊💕