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People are in our life for a reason, season or lifetime
The pain comes when we put them in the wrong category.

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exactly , right !!

You caught the right chords that hit me hard, that’s really true!💯


Hope the application of it also helps 😊


True! But don’t you think, it is difficult to let go?


Indeed it’s tough to let go!!
But at times there’s no benefit in hanging on or waiting as it makes the situation more worse…The ones who are actually meant for you will always stay even if there isn’t regular meeting or communication!!

Letting go is possible only when a person tries to understand and accept what a person (who came in our life) or particular situation is trying to teach us and it may be good or bad but it’s only for us to experience and become more wiser.

There are happy/good and sad/bad moments in life, the key is to remember the happy ones and learn from the sad/bad ones!!

Holding onto someone or something that has a strong chance of not getting back will only delay or keep away people who are genuinely meant to be in our lives!!


This was so beautifully said! Thank you so much!