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Part 7
I’m old enough to handle myself since I have studied in a place away from my home and lived alone .
But she would never let me go anywhere .
Neither for any trip with my friends nor to other city .
She doesn’t even let me meet my friends who live in my same city .
One time it was friendship day and I told her I have to anyhow meet my friends today .
She said okay then she brought up one work I didn’t do because honestly I didn’t get time then she told me you can’t even pursue nor handle or prove yourself efficient enough or sincere to your parents .how are you gonna be truthful to your friends ,how are you gonna pursue any friendship .
There hasn’t been a moment when she hasn’t abused me verbally.
I know every parent does that but continuous yelling every single day .
I’m really a soft hearted person .
But she keeps telling me you are a stone .
Even if you are kept underwater for years you are not gonna change .
Your heart is made of stone .
Honestly it feels very bad to hear from someone you really love so much .
I’m not bitching about her ,
I’m trying to share my pain so that my chest gets a little light and I feel relieved of having told someone.
One moment there was some religious work I had to do the next day so had to wake up in morning a little early than I usually do .
The night before that day ,
She yelled at me so much and all of it was so senseless and futile because she was scolding me about something that was yet to happen .If she told me this because I couldn’t do it would make.sense . But scolding me for something I didn’t know was hurtful .
Once I told her I’m tired of your behaviour
She said we are also tired of you .
It’s just we can’t tell you that .

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They do

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Thank you πŸ€—
I don’t want to connect and talk over this . More I would talk
More it will stay in my subconscious.

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