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Part 4
Then one time she told me
If you want to go away
We will get you hitched
I think everytime she abuses me she reaches a new level of pain to give me.
I genuinely wanted to study further so that I can earn and help my family financially. I want to do something for which my family will be proud of me.But she said that if you start earning I don’t know you will throw us out of this house or send is to old age home. Did I deserve to hear this ,after all this time ? I love them so much that once I settle down I want to arrange a passive income which can help them in their old age .
I only feel loved by her when I agree with what she is saying ,or I do her work or I’m sick.That is why I love it when I get sick and pampered .She tells me I have grown old just by body otherwise I’m still a child .
Aren’t we allowed to be a child in front of your parents? Aren’t we allowed to be weak in front of them when we are already struggling ?

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I do enjoy my professional life no doubt but the thing is the job isn’t fulfilling
That is why I want to do masters which would get me closer to my dreams.


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