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Overthinking, anxiety, crying spells

Hi. My family dynamics are giving me anxiety and I have been having crying spells for days now… this happens every now n then with a small trigger. I’m 31. I’m very lonely as I feel no body in my family loves me enough, they have other priorities. While I’m not suicidal, the thoughts cross my mind often. I wanna break out of this vicious cycle… but that would mean breaking ties with my family completely which would make it worse. But my family can be very toxic, my parents are not bad human beings, but external forces (relatives) have been manipulating them for years dragging them away from me. I also have PTSD from a major fight that went down when my brother was still in touch with us… when he beat me up.
Please help

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I may not be qualified to help you in detail but one thing I know, none of these things are your fault. You just have to grow a thick skin. If you are clear of what things affect you, you also know what triggers you. Being 31 is okay as long as you’re confident enough, you’ll get through this. Don’t compare yourself with other families/people. And in the end I’m here, we are here. Keep talking, it’ll relieve things a bit. Speak Your heart out!!


Thank you very much for the reply. It’s just tough. I just need some peace of mind.


and you’ll get peace. But remember we all need stories to tell our next generation, if we sail through life without any issues, what sad old people we’ll be in the end!! As for the current situation, Just put a brave face and in parallel work on your career/studies/life as well. There is a quote in Hindi " Wo sab laut aayenge, Tum bass Kamyaab hoke to dekho"!!